Diversity and Anti-Racist Professional Learning

DARPL brings together a diverse team of providers with lived and professional experience through a professional learning and resource hub with a Welsh perspective in raising multi-disciplinary racial consciousness, as we all work together within the New Curriculum for Wales.

The new curriculum is an opportunity for significant change. Professional learning is key to realise this step-change.

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities, Contributions and Cynefin in the New Curriculum Working Group.

Anti-racism professional learning in education

Professional learning for those working in education to develop an understanding and development of anti-racist practice

Our DARPL work centres on professional learning for those working in educational settings to develop delegates’ understanding of anti-racism, which should lead to a development of anti-racist practice. The professional learning has been developed to take into consideration the different roles of those working in educational settings and is tailored to support that.

Our vision is to ensure that those working within education develop the tools and carry out anti-racist practice that supports the aim of being an anti-racist Wales by 2030.

DARPL incorporates research, current examples, video clips and lived experience. During and following your engagement with DARPL, you will need to continue your own journey in professional learning individually, with your peers and with your learners.

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DARPL (Diversity and Anti-Racist Professional Learning) brings together a diverse team of providers funded by Welsh Government working together on this platform.

Minority ethnic teachers settle at their ‘comfort zone’ without the will or aspiration to progress onto a higher position – ‘I don’t think I would want to go any higher’ Why is that?

The recruitment and retention of black, asian and minority ethnic teachers in Wales - A qualitative research study.

Professional learning

Up-to-date Professional Learning for everyone working within education in Wales.

DARPL aims to support practitioners start their journey in Anti-Racist Professional Learning, Cultural Competency and Race relations within education in Wales. Leaders, teachers, wider school staff and learners need to be supported in the start of their whole-school approaches so they continue in new ways of working to ensure Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic contributions and presence are embedded and sustained within our New Curriculum for Wales from September 2022 onwards.

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Team DARPL is a dynamic coalition of independent providers with a wide range of expertise with lived and professional experience. Team DARPL are excited to have the opportunity to work with you, your schools, colleges and organisations. Together in Wales, we can succeed in making a difference in this step-change as we all move towards REAP (2030) and our ‘anti-racist' Wales.

We welcome questions, ideas and requests for partnership involvement.

Chantelle Haughton
National Teaching Fellow SFHEA